Monday, January 17, 2011

NAWA OHH......

HA HA.........just cant stop laughing. But for real ehhn, na God dey really save us for Africa ohh. Cos can i magine all the obstacles and things that we face on a dialy basis, but yet we still strong. Can u imaging how dem dey take make all this public food? some of the people wey dey cook am no just send at all....dem dey ready to blow thier nose with their fingers, and still use the same fingers to pour crayfish inside the food they cooking. Thats even from the cookers side ohh....then can u imaging the environment where the food is being cooked? i don see mama-put wey dem dey cook their food near toilet (and u suppose imaging how all those Naija public toilet dem dey nah) 

So all these occur on a daily basis, but yet we dont get sick as much. We too much jare. But dayum that food is looking good juo. Beans with two two slices of bread untop?..kai see chow nah. My boarding school peeps  know what i'm talking about. Then u come soak Ijebu garri chop am with this meal....OH LORD!!!!

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