Thursday, January 13, 2011

WHATTA................ HELL NAH!!

(shout out to Ochai for providing this disturbing pic)

U see i no just understand why people continue to do this to themselves for real. Right from time, nature has made in such a way that if our body is allergic to smth, then our brains immediatley makes us to stay away from such thing whenever we come across it.
 Make i use this opportunity to say smth.. Abeg if u are impossibly photogenic, and yet u still keep on taking tonnes of pictures, then pls pls pls i dey talk God name dey beg u.... quit the bull crap. since u are allergic to cameras....therefore stay away from it pls :)
If u are this dark (blue black), then u dont need to be seen taking pic at night for freaking goodness sake.....WHY WHY WHY  DO SOME PEOPLE STILL DONT GET IT????? If no be say i dey see other white people for the background, i for kukuma think say the girl been dey pose behind a blackboard or smth.
And i'm still trying to figure out why is it usually guys with this color that will always want to take pic with a white girl ....and at night time too??!!!!!!! 
I bet u this onyibo chick was mad wasted (since thats what they do best) and i could just imaging her reaction when she sees this pic the next day (when she's sober)......ha ha