Thursday, June 16, 2011


So the Naija Police Headquarters in Abuja has just been bombed. The parking lot was targeted. And this just happened like a few hrs ago. I guess this incident has also proven the incapability and non-pro-activeness of our dear lazy police force when it comes to security issues :(

Like this whole bombing stuff is getting to another level for real. I'm just wondering who are behind all this, and what are their motives? Like come on, ABJ is suppose to be like a safe haven in Naija, but we just keep on hearing all these crazy bomb blast stories here and there. Anyways hopefully this will make our police more security conscious. To my own perspective, this is definitely straight up terrorism...cos i dont think we can call this a communal clash or whatever we try to call it. Things like this go soon make people dey call us a terrorist nation soon. Infact ehhn, me self no just understand this our country ohh....Nowhere is freaking safe :(


  1. Abuja Police HQs? Wonder what Goodluck is goin to do. The I wan a be a Nigerian song on your side bar is soo cool! who is behind it? lol

    And those women on your side bar? Chai, Gini ka umu nwanyi mere gi? biko biko choro nu umu nwanyi mara mma ana m ayo gi!

  2. LMAO. Ginger akwa ima na umu nwayi nwere nsogbu di egwu. but not all of them shaa. ha ha for that song, na person been send the post to me. I tot it was very interesting eh. Ope say you dey ginger ur swagger ohh