Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Okay so from now till next weekend, I will be putting up pictures of different women with the most ridiculous faces, outfits and make-ups (pictures will be on the right side of the blog). Well well well, the good news is that these are not Naija chicks shaa. (they are chicks from the Caribbean, esp Jamaica) And the bad news is that unfortunately, they are still black women, regardless.

But trust me, Some of our Naija girls are not too far from this pics i'll be putting up tho...esp the ones back home. Like seriously, when i went to clubs in Naija (esp Abuja) I was totally shocked by the way the girls dressed. As in ehn, at a point i even asked my self "Am I really in Naija, or i'm actually in one of dem clubs in the hoods of Brooklyn?"

Anyways whatever the case may be, I just want to say that i'm so sick and tired of seeing girls looking like lunatics in the club...all in the name of "I'm trying to look sexy". Dont get me wrong ohh, there's nothing wrong in showing of some goodies ohh...cos I know some fellas be getting excited about stuff like that. But at least u gotta show it off in a way that wont make u look like u just came out of a Psykia home or smth. If any of una think say i dey lie, then go to ABJ and take a quick stop at Krystal Lounge between the hrs of 1am and 4am.....as in ehhn, You wont even know when u go start to dey shout, dey ask yourself questions like "where am I?" "what is happening here?" "what am I doing here?" "how did I get here?"
Anyways thats that.......enjoy the pics....ha ha


  1. lol dis is serious o. she should hve worn bikini now rather than this......nd dey really look like 9ja babes.........nd those pics on ur side bar......speechless. especially the thong wearing leopard print lady

  2. OMG. where did these rats come out from? lol

  3. They look like drag queens mschewww.

  4. LMAO! Is this a comedy show or what?? Hehe. Too much make-up, the dressing is not cute in any way!! Less is more when it comes to make-up. But, when it comes to dressing, some people need to learn to cover up and be modest. Showing too much isn't sexy as some people think. Pshhh. Na wa ohh!
    They need some fashion/style tips or something. LOL! Some females have to shame when it comes to dressing. They like to attract attention, not knowing they are attracting the wrong attention. That's too bad sha!


  5. una don talk am finish ohhh.......ama be posting lots of them within the next few weeks...so watch out for more :)


    mscheww....*laughing & smh*

  7. on second thought, are they CURSED?....i mean SERIOUSLY?...I just can't comprehend W-H-Y?

  8. lol @ ur questions at the end of the post. too funny.

  9. Kryxtal lounge has got to be d worst club I have ever attended in my life EVER!
    Just had to let that out. lol
    But serious na wa for these pics sha.