Friday, June 10, 2011


(Another shout out to Betty Braimah for this useless piece of crap)

You see at first when i took a glance at this letter, i was like WTF??????
But then i later looked at the date and then i didnt feel so bad come on, this was in 1993.....back in the days when peeps in Naija had no swag whatsoever..ha ha
All dem days when people go dey write ditto everywhere for letter...brings back memories ehh..dem love letter days. Infact a big shout out to all my people that were involved in love letter back in da days (the writers, receivers, and even the senders of the letter....ha ha)...Mehn this life is just too funny ehh....things come and go.

And this fool actually finished his letter by saying "your boyfriend in future"...and freaking signed it too .   WHAT AN A**...this letter better be written back in his primary school days...cos anything more than that is totally unacceptable.

"If so, doxology"...WTF???  I just dont understand why some Naija guys be trying so damn hard to use big words they just learnt, or overheard from someone else, in order to impress the ladies....anyways whatever.


  1. alex to tell the truth i think this is a fake love letter that was just written by a prankster for fun. Like written in 2011. LOOOLL

  2. LOL...well it might be ohh.....but why i thinks its real na bcos of the color of the look at the top where the date is located...that paper looks mad old ehh...ha ha

  3. ahahahahahahaha... "I pick my golden pen from the basket of love"

    I didn't know love had a basket :)