Thursday, June 16, 2011


Okay so last week i been dey talk about how being bald na really big f**k up for men, and it can make u have some sort of low self esteem.
Well, never mind what i said, cos i think i found the most major thing wey fit insult man....."HEIGHT" :(

I do have this friend....handsome guy and all that...but the only problem be say my guy dey very very brief. And that sh** be disturbing him all the damn time. Sometimes he be telling us that if there was anything he could ever wish for in life, that would be to add more height. And i do feel so so bad for him tho. And im get one thing wey i don really notice... "if you a very short/brief individual, people tend not to take you serious. As in, they see you as a joke....which i think isn't nice at all :(

M.I we just thankGod for your life say you get very special talent. To my own perspective, this guy is one of the best rappers not only in Africa alone, but on this earth ehh. He's mad talented for real. But you see say money, talent and fame could actually cover up some things tho. Because of how talented M.I is, nobody dey even pay attention to im briefness anymore....ha ha

But dayum!!!...if short guys tell you how many chicks wey don reject dem just cos their height issues ehhn, u gonna feel for them :(


  1. Mr Incredible!!! His talent definitely makes up for his height for real.

  2. Wait oh, Is this girl really tall or the guy is just too short? Word and Opposite.

  3. And as for the pople that want to be a Nigerian, by the time they get to the Naija embassy am sure they will reconsider.

  4. hey, i have just given u an award at

  5. M.I is short but his lyrics are tall.... as my sister says.. lol

  6. @ chizy..thanks jare..u too much
    @ nightingale...thats true ehh...his lyrics are over tall jare
    ha ha