Thursday, June 9, 2011


WOW...Okay this is a great news for Naija entertainment industry. Now i can finally say that Naija music has gone global. So I just dey hear say our uncle Kanye West and his crazy a** self has added Don Jazzy & D'Banj to his GOOD MUSIC label. We all gotta admit that this is a really big big accomplishment for Naija music. I knew it was just a matter of time, and our music will blow. I no go even dey surprised if dem go soon dey play Naija jams for Yankee night clubs (sike)

In D'Banj's twitter account, he tweeted “Just like yesterday myself and my brother did Tongolo. 7yrs later Mo’ Hits signs with Good Music. Best birthday gift ever. God thank u.” 

Yes ohh I dey follow ThankGod for una jare. Im no easy my brother.  I actually remember when that "tongolo" song came out, and he was talking about koko, dikoko and all that bullcrap....and i was like "yo this guy got some swag and a real catchy song tho. Now all that hard work don pay off. Mo Hits una too much, and i really gotta thank Don Jazzy (aka Naija Dr. Dre) for giving us the best music/beats in Naija over the years.

And a big shout out to all other talented Naija artists for real. I could remember 10 yrs ago, every Naija artist wanted to copy Yankee style. You couldnt eve hear any Naija song on the radio at then. But now things have totally reversed. Things like this makes me love my country jare. Now people all over the world are loving our food, our movies, our music, our fact we too much eh. I just pray we keep on using our talents for good tho...shikenah

and shout out to Vick.O too..i promise you will be next :)