Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is probably one of the funniest thing i've seen in a while ehh (after Vick.O's music video..ha ha )
Looking at this pic just takes me way back to my secondary school days....during exam period, boys go just dey copy scatter. Well, as a honest guy, which i am :) i no go just come here dey lie say i no been copy. Well i actually did, and matter of fact i think i even invented one dubbing technique...and it actually worked for me shaa....but make una no start to dey think say i be dummy ohh...cos i was actually a smart guy, but for some reason, dubbing was just one of those things that u have to do during desperate times...and i mean during really really desperate times.....i'm sure most of us have been in that such situation ;)

So some months ago, i got into this random conversation with some friends and i was telling them that if i was given the opportunity to become an invigilator in a secondary school exam hall, i swear none of the students go copy at all...cos i've been there, done that, and i'm very much aware with all the various copying/dubbing techniques. But my friends dey tell me say "na lie" cos they feel every generation brings their own different dubbing techniques in order  to beat the system. But i no gree a bad guy ehhn, nothing wey dem go do wey i no go detect am sharp sharp.....As in come on nah...una think say i just been go 3 different military schools for for going sake? nawa ohh

I'm sure this has happened to some of u guys before....okay its like this.....So a very important exam is coming up, and u have already picked who you going to sit with during the exam....and only for u to show up in the exam hall, and the invigilator does some random seating changes, and u now end up sitting with someone else...who's probably a dummy :(   ha ha oh boy ehh that na when questions like "wetin make me no study for this exam?" go just dey run through your empty brain throughout the whole time for the exam hall...ha ha

But DAYUM!!.. this is a perfect example of a situation where "u are being held by your balls."....ha ha....i really gbadun this system scatter...i never thought about smth like this, and i dey bet u say this system go somehow reduce a certain extent shaa :)


  1. I actually did work as an exam proctor during my undergrad and there was nothing that i saw in those exams that was new and exciting as far as cheating techniques goes.

  2. The cheating at this school must be on a diff p for dem to go to this extent

  3. lwkmd. This is just too funny. i cant just imagine myself being there.

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