Monday, June 13, 2011

WHATTA!!!.......HA HA HA

(shout out to Ochai for sending this absurd pic...ha ha )

This is straight up Gangsta ehh. I no been know say Toyota don dey make jeans ohh. Things like this just make me crack the hell up!!
But what i still dont understand is this tho....yes i'm happy we starting to produce our own stuff.....Cos i know that furniture, clothes, most food stuff have been banned from being imported into Naija. Hence this is a way to encourage our local manufacturers of these various stuff. But I guess with a product like this jeans, our manufacturers are not encouraging us in any way to buy our home made products.....Like seriously i would really love somebody to tell me why i should choose this bullsh** over a Gap, Express or True religion jeans. Why cant our people be creative with the names they give their products huh?  This na the same problem wey i get with our Movie industry....always giving absurd names to all these movies n sh**.

I dont think any type of convincing will make me even set my eyes on these jeans, talkless of bringing out my hard earned cash to buy this crap. Like seriously....LOOK AT IT!!!!...with all the ropes coming out .......To be honest, i no go even gree my own enemy to wear this kind thing.

Although this sh*** is mad funny though, but at the same time, things like this be pissing me off for real...whatta!!!!


  1. TOYOTA JEANS???? OMG!!! i`m so tweeting this lol..even if they have to produce jeans at home.At least make it nice and attractive .TOYOTA?? how?? lMAO.

  2. LWTMB ooo. Toyota jeans indeed

  3. i fuckin love Toyota so i'm down for the cause lol