Sunday, June 5, 2011


So two kidnappers were caught while in the process of collecting a ransom for a 4 yr old girl which they kidnapped from a hotel in Ughelli, Delta State.

The parents of the girl were contacted by the kidnappers, and they told them to bring N4milla for her release. So the parents informed the police bout the situation...and our useless police told her parents to play along with the kidnappers. The payment arrangements were made, so in the process of going to collect the ransom at the drop off location, that was when our police now surrounded and apprehended the kidnappers (good job guys...ha ha )

Anyways we know this whole kidnapping thing has reduced drastically, compared to like 2009 &10'. There are still some incidents of kidnapping here and there, but what really caught my eyes about this one was that when Policemen apprehended them at their hideout while trying to pick up the ransom, one of them, said to be mastermind of the abduction, was surprisingly a in a FREAKING MAN OF GOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

The hotel worker who kidnapped the girl disclosed that he was told by his pastor to abduct her, and he would be given N1 milla.
And on his part, the pastor who is in his 40's, said it was the handwork of the devil.
as in WTF YO!!!.....U see this poor devil guy don suffer for real...we go always blame am for both the ones im do, and the ones wey im no even do....i guess it sucks to be him tho...ha ha 

But hearing that a pastor was involved in this whole kidnapping thing is just disgusting & pathetic for real.....and later u guys want me to wake up on sunday morning, and go worship at the churches of these idiots/criminals  disguising themselves as men of God???...i'm sorry thats not f**king happening!!!    Almost all of them in Naija are all the same......believe it or not. Period!!!


  1. Na wa oh! A pastor?!? I truly tire for all this the "devil made me do am" all the time! This was his own greedy selfish doing jare!

  2. DEVIL INDEED! mschew!

  3. These pastors are very manipulative. smchew

  4. I dont think Jehovah`s Witnesses would do this...I really observe dose people..dey stand out mehn..even though there are a few of them dat r wolves in sheep clothing which is i beg 4get