Monday, June 27, 2011


(Betty u too much ehh)

Yeah yeah yeah we all know in Naija, the bigger your belle means the more money u got.....But you see the problem with Naija is that we tend to feel that our culture beliefs and norms are always right...and this makes us hardly accept or learn from the culture of other countries. As far as i'm concerned those days are gone. For goodness sake anybody wey dey like this guy in this present 2011 needs to go to straight rehab. I'm still trying to figure out how on earth does this so called pot belle look symbolizes wealth??????...To my own perspective, I got just three words for this kind of look..."Greed" "Laziness" and "Sickness"

You see sometimes like this, i just dey wonder what on earth could actually make a guy's belle this this is some real serious crazy sh** tho. We are now in a world where people are becoming very weight conscious...But the funny thing be say even the rich men these days in Naija will definitely not want this type of look. Therefore all that notion about "the bigger the belle, the more money" bullsh** should come to an end jare. Infact as i been go Naija, most of the guys i saw that had big stomachs were mostly guys wey still dey hustle, and they just drink and eat irresponsibly on a daily basis.

Just think about it...You go to a joint, you see only 3 guys on a table, but they have about 30 empty bottles of star on their table. Like seriously WTF?? race?? I dont know what these guys be trying to prove for real. Okay u fit guzzle 12 bottles..yay...make we clap for am....we go give am gold medal....JEEEZ
Anyways shaa, one thing i know for sure is that this look is very very unsexy, and I dont think there's any normal woman out there who would find this very attractive....DAMN...ha ha