Sunday, June 26, 2011


So in Lagos, a 23 yr old man stabbed his friend to death during a quarrel over a ludo game........!!...AS IN A LUDO GAME OHH!!!
Adeniyi (the killer) said he was leading Afolabi (the victim) in the game, and suddenly Afolabi got angry, which resulted into a quarrel, and then a fight.

Adeniyi alleged that Afolabi punched him on his face and he retaliated. According to Adeniyi, Afolabi broke a bottle on his head thus inflicting injury on him. Adeniyi continued: “I picked up a bottle from our room and stabbed my friend twice.

WTF???!!! it that serious?...and mind you there was no betting involved in this game ohh..chai!!

But damn yo....Come to think about it, its a freaking ludo game for goodness sake. People for Naija too dey get hot temper for real.......Dont know why people be mad aggressive back home. A life has been lost all because of ludo game. Nothing wey person no go hear for this our country :(

now this people don mess up this beautiful game...anytime i decide to play it in the future, the only thing i go dey think of na how dem take stabb person beacuse of this game...smchew :(

(daily sun)


  1. Abeg enjoy your game when you can biko. This one na misplaced aggression. It's a pity.

  2. yes ohh my bro its really sad.....@ ginger ha ha na true wey u talk shaa

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