Monday, June 20, 2011

HA HA HA HA HA ........WOW!!!

HA HA HA HA ...This picture just got me cracking up anytime I look at it. You see during my secondary school days, when we don write our end of term exam finish, there's nothing else to do when you come to school. So thats the period were you go know say boys dey creative ehh. Its either u playing football in the field, or u playing basketball, or u playing counterball on the floor, or you busy trying to look for a fight or a school property to destroy, or u chilling talking to the girls (for those guys wey dey feel say na dem sabi toast woman pass)...infact there are so many activities that we all find ourselves doing once exams are over.   But apart from football and making people laugh, the one thing wey i been do well well na playing of ping pong/table tennis. Mehn this game is mad fun, and during those days, school no get time to go buy full size table tennis board. So a man gats do what a man gotta do....So na so we dey join join desks together in order to form a big tennis-like board. Then we go break plywood and shape it into a square (which we call paco)....then find one long stick to divide both sides evenly...and thats our net....THEN GAME DON SET OHH.....I swear we dey play tennis from morning to night..boys no dey tire ehh.....and the funniest thing be say there are some guys that are very very good on the paco board, and we call them paco masters. But when u put these same guys on the standard tennis board, i swear they wont even win one game.....ha ha ....brush a dog, a dog shall always be a dog i guess.....HA HA HA
Anyways shaa, whenever we couldnt find any long solid wood to divide the boards, we would become creative and find other measures....i remember us putting peak milk containers between the boards; or boys go cut part of their mosquito net and use sticks to hold them at each corner; or sometimes we find about 10 vasiline lotion containers and put them across the middle of the in ehhn, anything to play table tenniss ehh

Anyways, i thought i was a desperado in playing tennis at then....But when i saw this picture right here??? there i come know say desperate times actually calls for desperate measures......Never in my wildest dreams would i have ever thought of someone acting as the net on the table.....HA HA ...FREAKING HILARIOUS :)    !!!

imagine being that guy n the table...and i bet this na set game.....the looser will become the net...ha ha


  1. OOOOH door surfing! fancyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

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  3. chai alex....dis is d height of it dey no fit find pieces of firewood for deir mama kitchen....and am i seeing double or is dat a piece of rubber in deir hands..i trust my naija people.....we always know wat to do.....notin can spoil our game

  4. Those are good Memories. Although i played football in school i remember my friends playing ping pong the exact same way.....

  5. HA HA ...@kiki omg i'm just seeing that rubber on their hands....@didi no be small thing..the pic really brought back memories when i saw it. i miss home and hight school days ehh