Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So it was a very nice sunny day in Ikwerre rd area, in th city of Port Harcourt....and this dude felt it would be the best time to go steal a car. Him and his crew trailed the car owner and watched him as he parked his car by the rd, close to a filling station.....and went into the market. They now communicated with this moron immediately to go carry out the operation, since Mr. owner no dey around im ride. Therefore my man went in for the kill.......ha ha.

With a master key, my guy start to dey push the thing up and down in order to open the door. Unfortunately, my guy no been know say some people wey dey reside for that area don dey look all im movement for that car. Na so dem catch my guy..then the lynching began, as usual. Later the owner of the car came out and saw what almost happened to his ride, and he thanked the mob for preventing it from being stolen.....and as a smart man wey no like trouble, the guy just enter im Toyota Camry jeje, come waka very very sharply out of the area. But this was just the beginning for the poor car thief shaa....As in dem disfigure my guy face ehh, and decided to give him the final move.....BURNING ALIVE!!!!...ha ha 

Dem don already put the tire (as seen in the picture) and went to the filling station to go collect fuel, to begin the cooking..but the fuel attendants already saw what happened, and decided not to sell fuel to the mob... Since one the vital ingridents in starting the cooking process wasn't available, the mob then decided to beat the guy real good....i mean reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll  goooooooooooooooood :) 

My guy then lost sight in the in dem been pregnant the thing wellu well.... and they decided to set him free.
Apart from police intervention during incidents like this, i think this is the first guy that has ever escaped from being burnt to death by a mob in Naija. I'm guess God has a reason for sparing his life.....he might be the next Paul...who knows...ha ha.

But one thing I know very very very for sure be say this guy no go ever near person property again, till im enter 6 ft....i bet you even fear go dey catch am sometimes to touch im own property for public......ha ha........stupid a** :)



  1. this guys should think of a better way to handle criminals..they have rights too.

  2. unfortunately there's nothing like rights in Naija

  3. @DIDI+Anonymous:I think its just their way of eradicating such crime. I actually don't mind it.

  4. lwkmd @ Ope. I'm with you on this one

  5. This is jungle justice na. If only the people doing the burning were innocent too. Like Nawa4u said, e go tey before he thinks of crime again.