Monday, June 20, 2011


(major shout out to betty & chichi for providing this radical picture.....ha ha )

You know, if not for the words on this flyer, I've already concluded that this criminal looking dude right here is a native doctor. Well, afterall that's actually what most of these our self proclaimed pastors are...preach the word of God during the day, then go do their diabolical/secret society bullsh** at night. Dem know the kind people wey dem dey deceive nah.....cos i'm definitely the last person that will ever fall for this their and my family have experienced a whole lot of their bullsh** in the never again.

Like lets all be honest here, WTF is a pastor doing with a machete in a church service for Christ sake????? The last time I checked, a pastor's one and only weapon should be his bible. So i'm actually wondering what he will be doing with this machete during this so called deliverance service. Will he cut off part of his body as sacrifice? Or will he cut off one of his members body part by mistake or so? Or will he perform some type of acrobatic sh** for his members? Or maybe he will be swinging his machete up, down, left, right, center in the open air, and lying to his congregation that he's in a very very tough and critical spiritual fight with satan, which he will eventually proclaim himself as the winner?...ha ha
Just wondering shaa...cos in the flyer, they didn't specify who they were going to use this big knife on :(

Before, na handkerchief, then whistle, then chain, then na machete...i bet you soon and very soon, u go see pastor wey go carry gun come church....all in the name of fighting this so called satan.....but the funny thing be say when this satan himself show now, all these clowns go even run pass their members.

Well i dont know bout u guyz, but one thing i know for sure is at the end of the day, majority of these self proclaimed pastors are money hungry individuals just like u and me....and thats why the church is now the best way to hammer in Naija. Even Yahoo business no dey too bring money like church business, cos sometimes maga no dey pay like that. But for church business, all u need do is wake up one morning and start telling people that the spirit of God told u to immediately become a servant of God....then go open a small least u start with ur immediate family and friends....with the help of black power, lil manipulation here and there, as well as adding some form of style/swag/charisma while preaching the gospel.....then u will see that u start getting more and more members.....and then BOOOM......JACKPOT!!!

I'm even surprised they did not put in the flyer that all attending members should come with their own machette......crazy animals

Topic: Radical Night 4 Jesus...Come as u are.....WTF is this???

And any pastor that goes by the name Ifeanyi Godffrey, is definitely a radical/tout/criminal...silly a** dude.....smchew sh** like this be pissing me off so bad.


  1. I know a few people who have invested in churches. It is a business with sales targets and bottomlines. Indeed this is the end...

  2. LWKMD. My stomach hurts from laughing really hard

  3. ROFLMAO WHAT IS THIS??? GOOD LORD!!! anyway i just pity his members coz if Holy Ghosts consumes this man,heads will roll..

  4. bahhahahahhahahahahahhahahah
    dis ure blog is funny i beg..
    its so tru is d biggest business now in naija