Thursday, June 30, 2011


So my bff lives in Canada, and I'm so so excited cos i'll be going to visit him, his lovely gf and his family today. And yes i'm driving down there, since i no get money for plane...after all from NY to Canada (Ottawa to be precise) na just 7hrs :)
I've been there just once when i went to visit him in 09' during the fall period....ThankGod cold no been dey by then shaa :)

Ehennn...speaking of weather sef....I noticed that when most of we Nigerians hear the word "Canada," the first thing wey go come our mind na in correct oyi.....or I dey lie?....ha ha  :)  We just feel that Canada is always cold 24/7 365/yr .I think that so cos their winter period is very very brutal shaaand thats one thing people cannnot 4get....Its so bad that if you open mouth to throway spit, the thing go immediately turn to ice by the time im touch ground ;)
Anyways for those of you wey know, and those of you wey no know (def majority of us...ha ha) make i kukuma talk am now...."Canada get the same summer with Yankee"....sometimes sef, their summer dey even hot pass Yankee own. But during winter period, thier own cold no be your mate shaa.

Anyways I'll be there till sunday...and wetin dey even make me just dey happy anyhow about this trip be say enough activities go full ground scatter. Going to the water park on friday; a friends birthday party at the beach on saturday, playing beach beach ball..then partying it up again at night; then his dad's b-day party on sunday...then driving back home later that day...that na if i my eye never dirty from too much shayo by then...ha ha.
Infact ehn, enof merriments go full fround during this 4 days period. Anyways whateva. I've made my point clear..."Canada is not always cold for goodness sake" :)


  1. Aww thank you for pointing out that it is not always cold!!! I live in Ottawa too!!1 Have fun in my city!!

  2. ENjoY & Have a Safe Trip...

  3. not just your bff!! your school daughter lives here too!! you didnt mention me :'(!!!!

  4. Aww my lil baby no vex abeg....i did remember u live here too....but the only problem be say u dey stay very very far.....u better come to NY soon ehh...i don tell u my own

  5. @Lohio....Ottawa was nice ehh....good times, good people too :) the city too extra clean ehhh

  6. eh eh eh paaaapppppiii! it was nice to have you guys over...

    I still can't believe how dedicated you are to this blog...proud of you bro!