Monday, June 20, 2011


(photos provided by Betty Braimah)

HA HA HA....dude shaped like a woman....and it doesnt even help the fact that he squeezed himself into that skinny jeans...How pathetic.
Okay so i'm trying to imagine what actually made this guy come out looking like this. I'm wondering if he's gay though. But i no too sure cos i know say plenty gay Naija guys no dey too like to dey come out of that dark closet. And also it looks like a university setting, so i dont think a gay guy will be comfy walking around a campus, smiling and being proud...cos i know say some boys no dey like use eye dey see that kind nonsense.
Or maybe he just like wearing tight clothes...cos mehn, when i was in Naija, i be seeing a lot of dudes wearing tight jeans and tucking in their polo shirt or button-up shirt inside their jeans....and most of them got some very protruding stomach...and i'm like WTF is this dude thinking when he looked at himself in the mirror before leaving his home???  :(
Or maybe my guy didnt have any jeans to wear (prob his clothes were stolen or they were wet) and he really had to go take a very important exam, so he just rushed and put on his girlfriend's jeans.......Umm wait a min.....what i just said doesnt make sense right? cos he should have wore a short or smth else as an bad.....ha ha
Infact i no just sabi wetin be this clown's intention when im been dey wear this crap!

umm but F**k that jare....thats a female jeans right there!!!...look at the shape if that freaking jeans...DOG-GONE IT.....HA HA ..Naija people no go kill me jare :)


  1. dude reminds me of Knights of the round table times with legging n stuff lmao, i c dudes like this, with asses fatter than man in jeans skinnier than anything i own, maybe its a trend...*shivers*

    i see we have a new batch of segzi ladies! luving it!!

  2. I don`t even know what to call this...Suicide jeans maybe?? how can u put the on??

  3. it requires extra man power. lol

  4. You for show us the front make we see what he is packing (abi isnt that the reason men wear tights) lol.

    But seriously, na Igbo guys dey attempt this kin fashion pass smh.

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