Monday, June 13, 2011


You see one thing wey i don notice well well be say some people no just like to dey respect themselves. Like seriously WTF is this? Why would a grown ass man walk around with this kind of thing, going about performing his daily activities.....and yet trying to act like he's oblivious about the situation untop of his head.....huh?...huh?

You see in this life its good to be real...and it starts from you being real with yourself first. I bet you say na this kind guy go dey tell people say im dey way ni**a... u cannot be real with someone else when u got a lot of stuff happening untop of your skull. Like come on nah.....why why why? Na by force to grow dada again? Okay its one thing going bald...but dreads + baldness = taboo!! very very unacceptable and should be a crime for real .

If you ever have any doubt in your mind that smth doesnt look good on you, then take it off asap (and i mean material stuff oh. cos if na smth wey come with you naturally, example your face... then i'm sorry i dont know what to say...u just gotta live with it for the rest of your life...ha ha ha)...cos you dont need your friend to come dey tell you how bad it looks, before you become convinced to take it off.

But to be honest tho, among all the natural f**k ups that can happen to man, i believe say nah baldness worst pass....real talk tho....cos that sh** hardly looks good on any man....all it does is just giving peeps real low self esteem :(


  1. It's his prerogative to look like a fool if he pleases. There are some hot bald dudes eg tyson beckford. Just shave all the hair on the sides and you are good to go.

  2. But what if he likes dada now, it's not his fault he's bald naa. I mean, quite alright I'd be staring at the thing if I came across such, but that's his preference, so free him small :D