Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just wondering if this is one of the ways to charm a potential maga while talking to them online?  Abeg where are all those my Yahoo Yahoo peeps dey ehh?  Cos I dey sure say na una go fit give me the best answer for my question. I've actually seen some different Yahoo techniques though. During my 09' visit to Naija, I went to chill with my uncle for like 2 weeks or so, in Ajao Estate for Lagos (I swear that estate is the HQ of Yahoo...damn) So there was a bill I had to pay online and respond back to the company asap. But unfortunately I couldnt, since there was no internet access close to me. So I had to go to this nearby cyber cafe. And behold ehhn, wetin I see there ehhn, fear catch me eh. I swear there were up to 20 guys in there. At first, I felt they were browsing just like I was. But after I come dey see some very strange strange things, na im my brain come reboot sharply, say na Yahoo boys be this ohh. I saw this guy who had his bare feet inside a basin of water, while he was chatting online...I then saw this dude who had this thin chain round the monitor...and a couple of dudes with palm leaf and some with handkerchief, making specific type of gestures. Inside my mind, I was like "where da f**k am I for goodness sake???" And make I no lie, afraid been catch me small shaa....cos I thought I was in a freaking shrine or cyber cafe intitiation sh** :( 

But come to think about it, If person fit carry big basin with water, enter insdie a whole cyber cafe wey be public business....Then what about now wey everybody don dey get their own personal laptop...can you now imagine the kind things wey people go dey do when dem dey closed doors? All in the name of catching maga?  HA HA .....too bad we live in a society where people would do the unthinkable in order to make money. As much as I'm not a fan of yahoo (and will never be) but at the same time I know say onyibo man did even much worse things to our forefathers. So this is a way to say "its payback time u greedy onyibo muthaf**kers"   bra bra bra bra... ha ha.

But still that shouldnt justify doing yahoo shaa....and the craziest thing be say since onyibo peeps don dey smart, now these yahoo peeps are even turning to scam their fellow WTF???
Anyways shout out to all My naija peeps who dont believe in using black magic or duping people to make money. I know some of my yahoo friends go vex as I write this thing...but hey, we all different, and I'm just speaking my mind and keeping it real you know....nothing does una jare


  1. Its so sad that guys has gone that far to make money but what do you expect when Gov no dey try...but dat guy serious sha wetin happen!! unto

  2. Hey funny guy,
    Just an FYI, there is an african store here in MN that has the big bottles of the Alomo bitters that you were raving about when you came back from Nigeria. Call them @ 763-561-1597. They have a website but I don't know how much info you can obtain from there.

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