Monday, December 27, 2010


(ha ha..... dont mind the pic oh. Its just a random one)

So a 15 yr old kid confeesed to stabbing her husband to death during an arguement over N1000...U see we Naija peeps just loose our lives for the most ridiculous and absurd  reasons most of the time. If no be for N1000, then na for plate of rice, or loaf of bread, or rat poison, or uneccesarily speeding, fighting, religious crisis...i tire ehh

When asked by magistrate Ijiyode why she stabbed her husband, the suspect said she did not realise that it would lead to his death.. ......Are u f**king kidding me? So she been dey expect say the stabbin go tickle my guy or wetin sef huh?...>WTF!!!! anyways i guess that's what happens when u freaking 15yrs

She said the family of her husband had turned against her and her children as a result of the incident. She said her inlaws had refused to take custody of the children, forcing her family to care for them.

Wait the girl even get children in not just a child, but childrennnnnn...which mean say dem fit dey two or even pass sef.
Hold on Hold on Hold on......WHATTA F**K IS GOIN ON HERE?
15yr old girl......Already married......Has children....stabbs husband..
If i were the court, i will go after her parents, cos na them cause this whole crap. handing out a premature for marriage. What fuckery!!!!?????


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  1. You just said my mind. 15 yr old, married with kids? When she is yet a child herself!