Monday, December 13, 2010


Senate President, Uncle David Mark recently described Naija airports as the most embarrassing thing. So i'm just here wondering why he's just realizing this now, cos these are the same airports which he has been using all these yrs.. Or maybe i'm guessing he was always high whenever he went to these airports. So, probably didnt smoke this time around. 

“Something seriously needs to be done about the state of our airports if we need to develop as a nation. We talk about 20:2020, but these are the variables that can make that possible.
“The environment at the airports is dirty, everything is wrong with our airports, it is either the conveyor belts are not working, or lift not working or even the air conditioning not working. We need to really improve.”

Anyways Uncle  i certainly I agree with you on this one. So how we go take go about am now huh?.....cos all this ur complain and speech no go solve anything.........OHH YESS i have an idea. Shey u make about N100milla per month? Umm why dont we donate ur salary in order to help refurbish the airports....and trust me, that quidi will go a long way :)

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