Monday, December 20, 2010


So, as the election is coming closer, All these politicians don dey go seek for different sources for powers in different places in order to make sure say them win. Anyways that one concern them shaa. Everyman get im own life to live, and judgment too.
 So our Uncle Jonny Being a christian, has been going to church lately (at least that the only one he tells us that he goes to). So during his visit at the Redeemed church in lagos last friday, this was what he said

“It is only God that can help me to change things. Pray for me now that I am the sitting president of your country. Pray for me not to deviate from the fear of God,” the president stated.
No worry uncle we will surely pray for u, as long as u no dey use people head for rituals, Senior men cultist involvement, or other crazy as things that most of ur peers/politicians dey do.

But wait ohh.....Is it just me or our uncle Johnny dey like say im dey carry basin untop im head? HA HA HA

and uncle Adeboye, this ur trouser color die ehh :)

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