Sunday, December 5, 2010


So about 10 Dare devil hoodlums reportedly broke into the premises of Owerri Girls Secondary School last Sunday and raped five senior secondary school students. They stormed the SS3 dormitory between 1:00am and 2:00am but escaped when our snail-like Imo State Police Command showed up. (u suppose trust them nah..always coming after the damage has been done.
The principal narrated that the thugs were armed with cutlasses, rods and even guns....and escaped through a hole which they created through the school fence. The Police Divisional Officer alsco confirmed the incident.

He said his men were able to rescue the school security officers, whose hands were tied to their legs by the rampaging rapists and assured the students and their parents that security had been beefed up in the school.

Ummmm......Creating hole through a fence; fully strapped with guns and cutlasses; tying the hands and legs of school security officers...........All this long process just to stigmatize innocent girls. You see Owerri is without a doubt, the land with the most chicks and the most free P***y in Naija as far as i'm concerned....and these hooligans decided to go on a raping spree, instead of putting at least a lil effort in controlling any babe?...The kind thing wey dey happen for Naija sometimes i no just understand. This is totally


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