Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Okay ohh....So a Gay church just opened somewhere in Anambra State...The name of the church na "Day Spring Assembly" but the peeps in the community call is the "skirt church".........HA HA
The pastors where seen going around the community and preaching to people that there was nothing wrong with a man sticking his d**k into another man's doesnt even get worse ehh...They even dey talk say any man is free to sleep with another man's wife, as long as say na the woman don approve am.

You see this is one of the major disadvantages of the Western influence on us. I bet ya, even 5 yrs ago, this type of sh** couldnt happen in Naija..esp in an igbo village for that matter. Dont get me wrong, I have a couple of gay frieds, and I dont, and will never have any problem with gay peeps, cos i believe everyonehas the right t do whatever they want u know........But when it comes to opening a gay church, and talking a whole lot of sensless stuff?.....NAH NIGGA
Aside that, the church members had, while mounting the rostrum, preached that any man was free to take another person's wife to bed, provided the woman gave her consent.


  1. ridiculous how far Africans have fallen. btw your intro pic is hilarious i alsmost thought this was a blog for gay boys sorry..hiihihi.its funny

  2. Naija American Girl no be small thing ohh
    @ Mbabazi....LOL...dont mind me jare...i usually change the intro pics ever week, so i felt i shuld put this gay one, since i received a lot of gay news from Naija this week u

  3. Nna i like dis pissure o!
    I sure say one of dose guys name na Anosike!