Monday, December 6, 2010


(Shout out to Hafsa for providing this pics)

So my partner in crime, Hafsa Daba, who is one of Naija's  most talented photographers out there, sent me this pic which her friend/fellow colleague (Augie Kuta) captured during the 2010 Abuja Carnival).........and all i gotta say is DAYUMMM!!!
On a real serious note, Hardship get very very very big significant impact for person face ohh. For all of us wey dey outside Naija, I'm sure we can certainly testify to this one :)  U see hardship has always been part of us, sotey the thing don even become genetic issue for some people, while others dey catch the disease as aresult of certain circumstances.
U see I believe we Africans are very beautiful people (umm not all shaa), but na just this hardship thingy dey make some of us to start to dey get very strong and disturbing/alarming facial structures. Sometimes when u see black americans or black people that live outside Africa, they usually have a fresh look (i believe its bcos of the weather, and not being exposed to doing any form of tedious/ridiculously cray hard job).......If nah lie i dey talk, then go and live in any Western country for up to a year. I bet you when you go back to Naija to visit, u go see as people go just dey comment on ur skin, and how fresh u look.
Caution: results may vary ohh. ....make some people no start to dey think say once dem enter any Wetsern country, dem go just start to dey fine automatically.....Therefore if  the individual's ugliness is too deep, then even if u like, go leave  for yankee for 100 yrs, i swear it wont make a difference

So in a nutshell, my people (especially the ladies), when u looking for a prospective husband, better make sure that "good looks" is one of your top priorities abeg. F**k all that "he is a nice guy or wealthy guy or faitjful guy or quiet guy or reserved guy bullsh**" ......Yes i know say no be fine wey u go chop, but at the end of the day, if u bring in crazy looking innocent kids into this crazy world, then u got urself to blame. I don talk my own finish :)

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