Monday, December 13, 2010


 YESSAH....this is the break we have been waiting for with regard to this whole kidnapping thingy....So the most Notorious Kidnapper (Osisi Ka Nkwu) in Abia State, and South-East in general, has been killed by the Naija military during a gun battle. U see no be today i don dey hear this guy name ohh. For the past few yrs, this guy don terrorize Abia State, was feared by every resident, and he seemed to be above the law (cos he was Orji Uzor Kalu's boy). At a point, the criminal even threatened the Govt to give him amnesty just as they gave the real Militants who were actually fighting for a real purpose....lmao......See liver nah...But i guess Jonathan felt enough was enough, and in September, he sent the Naija military to take over Abia State in order to curb out these touts.
Well this is a very great news to Abia state and will def send a message to all those kidnappers there. But come to think about it, so the fool actually even attempted to engage in a battle with Naija Army?...As in Niaja Army wey no dey hear come or go?......Nawa ohh....some people get mind for real......"Naija army una too much jare"

But wait ohh......on the other hand, wouldn't it have been better to capture him alive? i no just know why these military guys no dey uses common sense sometimes. Na so dem do the Boko Haram leader, and now this guy. Why dont they get a lot of info from these guys before killing them...nawa to them sometimes jare

Anyways I'm happy bout this move tho...One man down, so now it would be nice if u guys could go to the House of Rep & Senate to grab the rest of the criminals :) 

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