Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay U see ever since i came to this so called Yankee, i believe i've been a very very good boy. I no dey thief, i never kill, i no dey blackmail, i no dey do yahoo, or even engage in any kind bad thing at all......I do help old people cross the road or carry their bags whenever necessary, i do respect my elders. i give alms to the poor, i walk people's dogs....So i no just understand why bad bad things dey like do me sometimes.

Okay so I woke up this morning, took my bath, brushed my teeth, ate some food, and started heading out to work. Only for me to come outside and see this on my sexy Ford Mustang, along with a nice big document on the windshield.

Okay wetin come happen nah?. The document stated that my car has been booted cos i've been owing previous traffic tickets worth $640, and in order for them to take that ugly orange thing off, i"ll have to pay that $640 Gon Gon and sharp sharp at the Police Department. This one no dey for "I'll pay u half, and give u the remaining next week." So I had no option but to pay the money asap. Cos if i waited longer, dem for don tow the car go their garage, and every night it spends there go be extra $100, plus towing fee.

Anyways my reason for putting this up na to let people know say life no easy for Yankee ehh. If person for tell me say i go just give govt $640 just like that...i no for believe nah. See money wey i don dey think of how i go use am for my upcoming new yrs eve party. Anyways thats Yankee for you...from one payment to another. This is shows how law and order is being enforced in the western world. Although i really want Naija to emulate this whole law and order system, but at the same time, nah this kind thing dey make me miss our mother land ehh. If to say na Naija this kind thing no for happen nah...KAI.... Even if it did happen, all u need do is go to the Police people and tell them the most used Naija Phrase "Do U Know Who I Am?"    Dem go fear nah :)

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