Friday, December 3, 2010


So basically, one of these Genius Kidnappers was like " Mehn there's so much commotion, complication and much chances of getting caught during any kidnapping mission ohh. WHY NOT TAKE IT ACROSS BOARDERS, AND KIDNAP OUR FELLOW NIGERIANS?"..............perfect idea right?

Nigerians resident in Cotonou now live in fear following a rising wave of kidnappings in that city, which is the economic capital of neighbouring Benin Republic. No fewer than six abductions for ransom have been recorded in Cotonou in the last six months, and Nigerians have been fingered or proven to have been involved in these crimes.

The latest incident took place on Sunday, November 21, 2010; when two children of Mr. Mike Orji, Assistant General Secretary of the Nigerian Community Union (NCU), Cotonou; were abducted from their home, while their parents were on an outing.

Now I can Finally Conclude that some of we Naija Peeps do find joy in Polluting/infecting anywhere we go :)
esp my igbo offence tho. just keeping it real.....u know what i mean. Wont be surprise at all the day i go hear say dem kidnap person for places like Yankee, Jand, or Canada


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