Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Everyone should know the basics of kissing by now, and I dont care if u 15 or 100yrs old. I hear a lot of peeps complaining that their partner dont know how to kiss. I no blame una jare (victims of terrible kissing technique), cos this is definitely one example. Yes, they are old peeps and what not (prob our parents their age group)..but come on...are u tryin to tell me that this guy havent seen people kiss on TV before. Okay lets just assume that he actually havnt seen any one kissing both in a  movie, or even in real life......but at least there are some basic things which i believe that every normal thinking human should just know how to do naturally without being imparted in any way.

Example: I dont think God had to come down from Heaven in order to teach Adam (and other male animals  like goats, lions monkeys) about sex education, in regards to what hole he should stick his d**k into, performing different positions, or even having to stroke in and out in order to make sex feel good....All these things just happen Naturally for Goodness sake......Jeeez

Therefore my guys and babes, if u kissing ur partner, and u open ur mouth as wide as this cat right here...then trust me, u definitely doing smth very very very wrong :)
Jeeez...thankGod i never had to deal with this type of yawa juo :)


  1. WOW! i just love your blog! so hilarious! I found it through Honey Dame....& am so stalking you now big time! laughing real hard at your sense of humor which is in the original 9ja style! me likey! to read older posts!

  2. I just finished reading ALL your posts which made my day becox i laughed so hard,you are goood!.. weldone.

  3. Thanks sis...i dey try u know..just speaking my mind and adding some sort of humor to it too :)