Wednesday, December 8, 2010


(shout out to all my Navy, Army and Airforce Secondary school Pals out there)

Growing up as a child, I was one very crazy and mishiveious kid, and mumsi noticed that very sharply....So  the old-girl vowed to put me in a Military Secondary School when I grow up (and me been dey think say the woman dey joke). I remember going to Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria, to start my JSS1 class. Only 3 weeks going into the program, na im i just quit sharply eh...Mumsi had to come to Kaduna to come get my black ass.....(but DAYUM that school is no joke ehh)
So the woman come carry me go put for Airforce Secondary school, least this one wasnt that bad, since it was a day school, and it was like 5 mins away from home :)   Anyways I was there for 3 yrs, and completed my Junior WAEC there. But i guess mumsi's heart wasnt fullfilled yet, and putting me in a day school didnt help matters cos I was still a crazy kid. Either playing ball half of the school day, jumping out of the window whenever the burser comes to find people wey dey owe school fees (and the funniest thing bout the whole situation is that i always paid my school fees on time, but i just loved the thrill of jumping off that window....HA HA Airforce peeps know what i'm talking about) or looking for someone to fight with,cos I was kinf of a semi-bully back then :)
Na im this woman just carry me go put for Navy Secondary School PH, where i began my SS1 and finished from there. (straigh up boarding skul with crazy ass military personnels). So that has been my journey with military schools ohh. But I'll never regret going to a military school, and I promised that my kids will go to one too, cos its makes ya tough u know.

Caution: the only disadvantage of military boarding schools, is that sometimes when u come back home for vacation, you just look like a freaking AIDS patient....esp when u have a big head like me :)   ha ha ha

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