Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OH JOS JOS JOS JOS JOS JOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U see this whol crazy turmoil going on in Jos is just ridiculous and thats why i dont even wonna talk about it. I just dont understand why we take joy in killing our fellow man, all in the name of freaking religion this and that bull#$%@.  As long as I'm concerned, this whole thing right now is more politically motivated. So now, na bomb explosion be the new thing wey dem don dey do for Naija.

Sometimes i just silently ask God why why why???.....are we blacks actualy cursed?. Why is Africa different from other continents in terms of our level of progress n' stuff. Why must it be Africans that are faced with hardship. Why do We africans take joy in seeing our fellow brother/sis suffer? Why doesnt anything go forward in Africa. Its really painful to know that the continent blessed with the most natural resources is actually the poorest continent. All these things just really make me start to ask if we are truly lower class animals, just as other races look at us.....Like seriously tho, why must it be the only continent with blacks that face all these hardship here and there....Infact i dont even know what to even think of or say again juo.

Anyways the reason i decided to post smth relating to this whole Jos incident was cause i found smth extremely funny and couldnt help but share it jare.
So there was another bomb explosion (just days after the first one) in a town which is like half an hr away from Jos, and it killed only one person....who? the freaking the device was blew up as the bearer was trying to plant it..........??????????


i no know why we Naija peeps too dey follow follow. To plant bomb no be beans ohh?........nna nawa to these people for real.

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  1. The situation is pathetic and very sadden. Africa arise and redeem thyself!