Thursday, December 30, 2010


So Atiku Abubakar, has revealed how he escaped landmines set up by presidency officials to ensnare him in corrupt deeds.   infact make i LOL first for this im statement.

Asked if he was desperate to be President, he said:

"I am not desperate about 2011, I have never been desperate about anything at all because if you follow my career you will not find any desperation. If I had been desperate, I would have been President long time ago. I wouldn't have stepped down for Abiola in 1992, I wouldn't have given Obasanjo a chance in 1998, I had the PDP in my hands (like this), I would have taken the nomination in my pocket and I wouldn't have given him the chance in 2003 when everybody said come and take it over."
"So, I am not desperate about it, I will wait for the right time, whenever God says is the right time and Nigerians say is the right time. I am not desperate about it. What am I looking for? I have money to eat till I die!"

STORY STORY.....Its like this politicians see us as foools we no sabi road. Anyways uncle Atiku one thing i know for sure be say God doesnt think there will ever be a right time for u to rule Naija..and also we Naija peeps think its the wrong time for u too......nawa ohh.. Ok lemme see....You paid freaking N2billion each to four delegates in order for u to come out as the Northern candidate, and u get mind dey tell us say u no dey desperate.....O boy see day ligh robbery ohh.

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