Monday, December 13, 2010


So the US deports about 80 Nigerians weekly, due to their non legal immigration status. You see i dont know why traveling out of Naija is a do or die affair these days. If everybody wan travel, then who the heck will be back in Nigeria then? Yes things are hard back home, and everyone is trying to go find greener pastures somewhere else, since our country has been unable to provide for its citizens. But at the same time, its just getting out of hand, cos when when these peeps travel outside Naija, a lot of them end up not have the right documents...Therefore u become a living vegetable (since u cannot work, school or do anything relevant as a source of living)...So the next thing would be for u to get involved in illegal activities.

I keep on telling my peeps back home that this Yankee wey dem dey hear about is a very tough place to live. Majority of the money u make goes straight to monthly bills (phone, electricity, cable, car, internet,  insurance, credit card etc.). And mind u this na when u dey work ohh.... So u can now imaging being here illegally and no source of income :(
  At least in Naija, u dont even get to think of most of these bills n stuff. But when u tell people back home, im go be like say u no want make dem progress. So that's why we are now seeing a lot of this whole deportation thing going on now in the US and UK.
At the end of the Day, our Govt is to be blamed for all this mess.....and the one wey dey even pain me pass na when i hear say dem deport Nigerians from Ghana.....LIKE SERIOUSLY???!!!

But damn can u imaging being deported back to Naija?...wetin u go tell ur friends?...HA HA HA.....Well the good part about it be say u get to travel back to ur homeland for free....and free plane food too :)

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