Monday, December 20, 2010


 (ha ha This is not the man ohh...this na just some random pic i put up...just tried to find a pic of someone that would look like a black scientist...ha ha)


Nigerian Born Scientist Dr. Alph-onsus Ekwerike of Science Medicine Research, has discovered a new heavenly body tagged 2010 TL 78.
USA,said this discovery was done on September 15,2010 but got confirmed last month with due credit to the discoverer, Dr. Alphonsus Ekwerike. In his congratulatory statement on Dec.9,2010 to Dr.Alphonsus Ekwerike,he said "Now, keep in mind the discovery won't be numbered for 3-10 years.
Additional observations will be made over the years until the orbit is fully refined. It is at that point that the discovery is numbered and placed into the world's official catalog. Your discovery is now in the provisional stage, and being monitored by the Minor Planet Center." 

Okay as we all know the only thing that made me post this thing was just because i hear say na Naija man wey dey the news. Cos as far as i'm concerned i no understand any crap wey all this scientist dem people just dey spit for mouth. When i been hear "heavenly body," me self come dey think say my guy been don discover/capture one kind creature from space. Only for me to dey hear TL 78 this, 3-10yrs that, and blah blah blah blah blah.....Me sef tire ohh 



  1. Naija people dis one na truooo!Make una see the evidence ( )of dis discovery, for dem say,see is believing.Una know say,some of us be 'Pull Him Down specialists' nothing cometh from dem mouth,even when dem see say something na white, them go say na black.How we Naija go go forward with wicked souls & acts,my people.When ever a true Naija discover something we go want kill the people or him talent.Na wa 4 una!Me I dey study hard to follow build Naija like dis scientist but I need help 4 overseas visa because una don make getting Visa to study serious 4 minds like hard. Adeleke

  2. LMFAO. Adeleke are u looking for visa or u are praising the guy. which one