Thursday, December 30, 2010


So if u've met me before, the first thing u will notice is that i luv having fun, doing crazy crazy strange things in public, and finally, I luv luv luv partying my ass off. I also luv entertaining people all the time. So in a nutshell, i luv throwing parties (mainly house parties) and i'll always find a reason to throw one. But this time its for a legit reason tho.

Anyways since i moved from Connecticut to New York, i was like ..."hmm it would be really nice to throw a new yrs eve party at my place this yr. I told wifey and she immediately bought the idea (na she dey even like this kind thing pass sef)......So we've decided to throw a new yrs eve party, and i'll be making my famous sweet jellof rice and chicken, plantain and egg stew, maybe some egusi soup, and lil snacks like cabin buscuit and stuff. People who have tasted my food know that i'm undisputabely one of the best cooks out ther..this one no dey for noise ehh. Abeg person wey don chop my food b4 should come and attest to wetin i dey talk ehh :)

Well, i'm kind of excited for the party tomorrow for the various reasons: My best friend and his wifey-to-be will be coming from Canada, my other best friend will be coming from Ohio, my younger bros will be coming from Naija today, and all my other close pals living in the northeast will all be there. So we'll be talking about 50-60 people showing up for this house party. I'm also very excited cos i'll be very alert so as to take some very funny pictures and videos. U know say anywhere wey Naija peeps gather like this, na there u go see different different type of characters. So i cant wait to just take so many funny pictures and post it here so that una go see as we Naija peeps like to dey kolo. HA HA HA 

So watch out for the picture and videos from the party by next week...HA HA