Sunday, December 5, 2010


Just take a look at what a father did to his daughter..all in the name of witchcraft....and u telling me we dont have devils in human form?
This girl right here, Comfort Sunday who is just 14 yrs old was bathed with acid by her own father, who accused her of being a witch.

When would this whole ignorance and some crazy traditional crap end in Naija and Afirca as a whole? U bring in a pastor, he says your child is a witch, and the next thing you do is to find any measure to eliminate the precious soul you brought into the world. And the most painful thing is that there are hundreds, or even thousands of children in Naija that are victims of this whole witchcraft thingy, and have gone through all sorts of torture from their own family members
In fact I dont even know what else to say anymore....illiteracy plus ignorance na just one very bad combination


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