Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"Police in Lagos have arrested a middle-aged man for allegedly beating his wife to death. The man simply identified as Kunle Adeola reports say, was in the habit of beating his wife to a state of coma for any slight provocation."

Like seriously whats up with these faggots beating up their wives. And what pisses me off the most is that this crap happens the most in Africa, where we still have these absurd belief that women are second class citizens. When the parents of these women (victims) handed them over to their husbands, "using the lady as a punching bag" wasn't part of the agreement. This is just ridiculous and i detest this so bad. Pls Pls if u a wife/girlfriend beater, then u are nothing but an a**hole for real. Why dont u go fight ur fellow man.

CHAI....God bless the man wey go marry my daughter, and decides to loose his mind one day and lay his hands on her. I swear to my life ama chop of that niggas d**k, roast it right in front of him, and make him eat it.


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