Monday, December 20, 2010


So one of my best friend's pal came from Naija, and we all chilled during the weekend n stuff (shout out to Muktar and Mustapha). Anyways from one thing leading to another, we started talking about wealthy peeps in Naija. And we were talking bout how rich IBB is. The guy just started laughing at us and told us that IBB isnt close to Atiku when it comes to money. At first i wanted to ask him "my guy u dey smoke smth?" But i just chilled and wanted to see where he was coming from. So he now told us how IBB lost.
This na exclusive news wey people no know about ohh, and its coming from a very reliable source. So u hearing it first on this blog :)
So he first asked us the question "Would you have ever thought that IBB, who is a well known guy, with the highest connection both in and outside of Naija, loose to Atiku, a local and unknown guy who has no recognition anywhere.

He told us how there were 8 delegates to capture in order to win. Atiku got 4, while IBB and the other dude (i don 4get im name juo) shared the remaining.

SO THIS WAS HOW HE WON......u ready for this??????????
Atiku gave each of the delegates N2billion in order to get their vote......AS IN N2BILLION OHH....not 2 million. Therefore he gave a total of N8billion to the four delegates. An offer that i believe both u and me will not even think twice on weather to accept or not :)

The guy knew this cos Atiku called his dad (who was one of the northern delegates) and offered to give him that amount if he voted for him. But unfortunately his dad was already voting for IBB, since they were long time classmates and very close friends. So he turned down the offer. (at least thats a legitimate reason to turn down such)

So here's my question tho. If he spent N2Billion on four people in order to come out as the Northern PDP candidate, then how much will the criminal spend when its time to go against uncle Goodluck Johnny in order to capture the PDP ticket?????????????????????????????????


  1. we do not want this kind of politics in nigeria,atiku is the type of person that would most likely rig an election...NIGERIANS SHOULD SAY NO TO ATIKU ABUBAKAR, HOLA ON

  2. True talk.. i'm with u 100% on this one :)