Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Shout out to Jay's baby for providing me the link to this news)

"A middle-aged man, Mr Jamiu Sikiru, who attempted to commit suicide by cutting off his penis with a razor blade at Ijebu-Ode in Ogun, has regained consciousness.
Sikiru, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on his sick bed at the Ogun State Hospital, Ijebu-Ode yesterday, said frustration made him to carry out the act, explaining that he made several attempts to kill himself, "due to frustration and depression’’.

Okay i know a lot of we Naija peeps are currently going through stress, frustration and depression as a result of our govt's failure to take care of us....and I also know that such situation begin to make people start looking for other alternative measures for them to put food inside their belle. Na wetin make u go just see one correct man wey get im bachelors degree, but yet im be confirmed armed robber overnight, or u go see some peeps turn to beggers, or even peeps using their brain to think of ways to dupe their fellow man....ha ha (shout out to all my yahoo yahoo day, the hunter shall be the hunted shaa....shikenah)

But trying to commit suicide as a result of frustration? i never hear am before ohh...and chopping of your dick as a means of committing suicide?...infact this guy is a big a** JOKE!!!...cos the last time i cheked, people commit suicide through different ways that will make them die real quick without feeling much wetin make this my guy no try shoot or hang himself huh?.....U see this na why God no dey too answer some of us our prayers. You dey cry of frustration and hardship, but yet u go cut off the most valuable gift you ever had. This life dey funny shaa.....while others dey find prick, some others just dey waste their own unnecessarily.
 U see we Nigerians have gone through a whole lot."Hardship" "Suffer" "Poverty" has even reached a level where we now see these words face-2-face on a daily basis ehh....come on nah. But one thing I know for sure is that we Nigerians are good people (umm...well i take that one back cos majority of us are not..ha ha ) Okay lemme say are happy people and ever resilient, no matter the situation we find ourselves.

So in a nutshell, I would really really luv not to hear this whole "chopping of prick with razor blade" bullsh** anymore. thanks



  1. Eww@the picture! The man is funny.I understand how life can be especially when you think God is not answering your prayer but then cutting off your JT isn't the option.

  2. Good Lord!!!! he wanted wanted to commit Suicide by chopping off precious willy???? what a coward!!! *just kidding* well i`m not in Nigeria so i can`t say anything about the government but 1 thing i message i want to pass across is that the leaders will forever be greedy so they should try see how best they can put food on their table even if its going below where u think you should be..anyway i wish him speedy recovery and when he fully recovers SLAP HIM IN THE NAME OF

  3. Many people do in fact attempt suicide out of frustration and a sense of hoplesness. Many people do not understand much about why people attempt suicide.Until you walk a mile in thier shoes, do not judge them. Yes there are many ways to commit suicide and in general the more violent the attempt (in this case cutting his penis indicates quite a serious and determined effort) the more worrying it is.
    Attitude like this towards people with mental health problems only serves to mask the serious problems that do exist in the Nigerian society.
    Ignorance is not bliss.

  4. lol @ didi. he definitely deserves a big slap.
    @ scarlet i absolutely agree with you. But regardless suicide should never be an option for any man

  5. Lol! Wow, that picture is too gross! I feel bad for the guy though. Difficulties in life can make someone do the unthinkable at times. But, if we hang around the right people who will motivate us and keep us going, all will be well. With God all things are possible.

    I've been hearing about people committing suicide too often. This is sad though. The fact that when things are going wrong, people can't find other solution besides wanting to take their own lives. The world we live in is not easy.

    Well, may God help us all.

  6. Na true my peeps....only God go help us i swear..cos a lot of weird sh** be going on these days....ha ha