Monday, July 25, 2011


Yeah so I was reading this news about 9ice and Tony Payne. I'm sure most of us know that they got divorced like 2 yrs ago. And sometime last year, I saw an article talking about their bitter divorce and how dem just dey point finger at each other....9ice talk say.....Tony talk say....and Rugged man talk say....HA HA.  I'm sure some of us were aware of that incident then. I decided to post that news on Nawa4U. But while I was writing, I noticed I wasnt even showing so much enthusiasm, and smth inside me was saying "who send for this people sef?" But i still posted it shaa....for posting sake....ha ha.
But this time around, another news involving both of them don come up again. This time, dem just dey talk about how Tony Payne don dey find different different ways to get back together with 9ice. Talking about how she might have moved back in to 9ice's house and blah blah blah blah....

According to several impeccable sources, Payne's startling about-face happened last Thursday when she came to the house demanding to see the father of her child but was prevented from entering.
"She called 9ice several times but he didn't pick the call because he had been told she was at the gate. He came with a male friend even. What angered 9ice was that she didn't pre-inform him of her visit," E-Punch source says.
She left without blowing a fuse, only to return the following day. This time, Payne brought along with her the only product of the short-lived marriage, Zion, and she was allowed in without much ado. Payne was in the house until Wednesday morning. The source further says, "Throughout the time she spent in the house, she was always cooking, trying to worm her way back into 9ice's heart but he didn't eat the food because he's trying to be careful."

NAWA OHH.....E-punch una don come. This basically sounds like it could be a scenario in one of those our Naija movies, were the woman comes back to her husbands house and cooks for him....but he's scared to eat cos he doesnt want to be poisoned, and dies, and then she takes all his property, and runs away, and his family go come dey attack her..and all that blah blah blah......HA HA...typical Naija scheme
Anyways at the end of the day, WHO CARES?????  and to be honest, I dont just know why this babe is even popular sef.....But one thing i know for sure is her fame is definitely not cos of her beauty :)



  1. Aww... wot happened to them? What was the cause of their divorce in the first place?

  2. na real long thing ehh.....dem say, she say, im say. I think its cos Rugged man used to bone her back in da days...ha ha

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