Thursday, July 14, 2011


So once in a while i always post stuff to remind peeps say Yankee no be bed full of roses ohh. The only thing person dey enjoy for here na the good roads, food, uninterrupted electricity supply, medical system,  infrastructural facilities, traveling from NY to California without having fear say armed robbers go just come out from bush dey rob you...ha ha...., nonviolent environment, and all that good stuff...Other than that, life no just easy for here at all. But no matter what you tell peeps for Naija, dem no go believe ehh...cos dem wan come witness am for themselves....and i no blame them shaa. Afterall who no go wan come use their eye see Americoco (according to my mum) or Amerikiyaa (according to one of my friends, Anthony...ha ha )

Anyways so I saw this article named "Why Some Nigerians Are Trapped In America" and I found it very interesting. So I decided to share some parts of it with you guyzes..ha ha

Nigerian United States based environmental scientist, Dr. Asopuru Okemgbo, has said that life in United States of America is not bed of roses, as immigrants and foreigners have to prove themselves beyond their equals. Okemgbo, who has been in the US for over 20 years, said the basic needs – water, food, access roads, transportation and energy – are not issues in US, but noted that one has to sweat for every dollar he earns.  (shey i been talk

The press later asked him this:
It is said that going to America is easier than returning. So, what is your experience?

and this na my guy answer:
That is always true, even long time ago when our people were going to Cameroon and they got there to make money and return, you have to really work hard to achieve that. If you go to America and you don’t have good job that will give you enough money to buy your plane ticket back or visit often, then you are trapped. Not only that; there are immigration issues. So some people may have been trapped by immigration problems because if they leave America, they may not return; so they stay put and there are many other things that keep them there; that is why going to America is easier than coming back. I quite agree with that statement.

all I can say is this............GBAM!!!!
All this guy said is more than for me, i no get any immigration quanta ohh......but that ticket money ehhn..I think thats the main thing that stops a  lot of Naija families from going back to Naija for vacation, or for good. Imagine a family of 5 planning to go to Naija for X-mas...we talking about almost $9000 to $10,000 for air ticket alone....then which money dem go come use for grooving nah :(

(daily sun)


  1. Your blog is always interesting to BIL is in America, he says the same for my 9ja pipo..i don tire for the negativity dem dey distribute for anywhere dem go! As for illetracy levels...glad to hear it is not only in 9ja o...dem UN no go let us hear word abeggi!

    p.s....i beg answer me Alex, NAH CELLOTAPE THAT HIOPPO TAKE WRAP HER BODY??... look that BUFFON NAH EXPOSE HER BELLY LIKE THAT?... i showed my friend the pics.....she just open her mouth yakata! would be good to put ALL in a slide show, becox she was curious to see the past ones, but couldn't.

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