Monday, July 11, 2011


Shebi I been tell una say I been dey Canada last weekend. Well it was really fun shaa. It was exactly a 7 hrs drive from NY to Ottowa....and Yes I drove the whole journey while my wife just relaxed for front seat dey bark anyhow like say person dey laugh with her.
Anyways back to my story......So on Friday which was their Canadian independence, we went to their down town during the day to go see all the krase people wey full for street. And also Prince Harry and that im wife been dey town, so thousands and thousands of peeps came out to see them. I no follow shaa, cos i dont see why someone will spend time under the hot a** sun just to see Prince Harry's convoy pass...then the only thing u go do na to either clap or shout yay....then u go start ti dey go back house. Na son, I cant do that...esp when the person no even know say I dey exist sef. The most I can do na to watch am for TV....period!!!

Anyways back to my story this so we went home to go drink...and later that night, we came out again to go witness their fireworks....It was like 9 of us, and at least 6 of the 9 were definitely twisted/feeling the alcoholic effect...including me ofcourse ;)

After we finished watching the whole fireworks thingy, I was in my crazy mood (as usual). So on our way back to the parking lot, I saw this "no parking" sign everywhere. So I thought it would be really hot to take a pic with it...ha ha. So I pulled the sign off from the ground, and gave the sexiest/striking pose I've ever done....along with my wife's handbag. Yeah I know u like that ehhn? ehhn? You know I look sexy in that pic, and none of y'all can tell me nothing :)

One thing I know for sure be say those girls on the side bar are no competition at all :)


  1. Blood of Jisos! Alex biko where you take find these aunties for sidebar?

  2. my guy if to say you never marry...... this pic look suspect o!

  3. hahahaha.. Alex... You are hilarious:) lol