Monday, July 11, 2011

EVEN FOR YANKEE KE............!!!

So on Saturday, I went out to go grab some Chinese food with my neighbor. And the neighborhood we went to get the food was kinda wierd (as most of you know, the best place to eat betta chinese food in NY is usually in the hood..ha ha) As in the people around there weren't the smartest of people (as u can see). It was mostly peeps from the ghetto, or lemme just say low income peeps. While walking back home, I saw a banner which said "Chinese restaurant coming soon".  But I come notice say the way dem take spell the "coming" ehhn...e just get as e be juo. So I quickly told ma friend to take a pic of it. After that, we laughed so hard....and we didnt even take up to 20 steps, until my friend spotted another banner which said "oficce is open from so so to so so so."  It was just so funny and I was so so perplexed about this whole incident, cos i never see such kind thing for Yankee before. 

Anyways this na to show say illiteracy dey everywhere jare. When we dey Naija, we go just dey feel say everybody for Yankee na Chike Obi for english language... ha ha 
Anyways one thing I certainly know for sure be say the people wey write this thing be immigrants for sure :)


  1. What? In America?? Im speechless.

  2. all i can see is the dude in the corner