Wednesday, July 6, 2011


(shout out to chi-chi Dora for this pic)

LOL....Mehn no kind thing wey person no go see/hear/do for this our country Naija. As much as this stuff dey mad funny ..but at the same time, I also believe that this na one of the realest talks wey i don see.  Unfortunately only very few people dey believe this kind yarning, and they are the ones that usually work hard, and come out successful at the end.  Mehn f**k that jare. Its all God that rewards us when he wants to. Cos i just dey picture a lot of hard working peeps in Naija...but yet their hardwork has not yielded them anything fruitful at all at all.........Then later you go see one idiot go just come from nowhere and do the same thing, and come out successful.

A good example na our Music indutry. Remember all those people wey dey claim say their head dey hot pass when it comes to rapping (likes of Rugged man, mode 9 and others wey i no even sabi)....And from nowhere Mr Incredible came into the game and immediately stole the whole show. Na that kind oppression wey dey cause stroke nah.
In a nutshell, if ur time never reach, then that means "your time never reach." There's no need to do all the extra struggling n' stuff :)

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