Thursday, July 28, 2011


Like seriously, whats up with some Naija men and rape?  Cos this has gotten out of hand. if u no hear about a man raping his neighbor's daughter, then u go hear about a man raping his housegirl.
But this particular story, me sef no just understand. So the Ekiti State police just arrested a man for allegedly raping his 9yr old daughter. As in ehhn this one don pass sodom and Gomorah for real. I'm just trying to imagine what on earth would actually make a man want to screw his own daughter wey im know the time when dem born her. Infact why would a man want to rape a lil girl or a grown ass woman? what happened to jerking off huh? nawa ohh
Anyways I think I've come to conclusion that some human beings are actually suppose to be born in the animal kingdom, but somehow they just found themselves trapped in a human's body. And mind you, they still possess some of those animal characteristics.

The suspect,James Bond( not the British actor) who was picked up from his Balogun street, in Oke-Ode area of Erio-Ekiti, was reportedly caught while having carnal knowledge of his daughter.

Report said one of the tenants was attracted by a groaning from the suspect's apartment at about 6pm, last Tuesday. Out of curiosity, the tenant, a female, was said to have peeped through the window , only to behold the sacrilegious act.
The concerned neighbor alerted policemen at Aramoko division , consequent upon which James Bond was arrested.

You see, At first when I was reading the news, I thought this was a joke or smth. Why would someone name himself James Bond. So our Police and New reporters are trying to tell us that they couldnt identify this dude's real name? and dem get mind to write "James Bond (not the British actor)".....DUHH ofcourse we all know its not the British actor, cos first of all, WTF will he be doing in Ekiti State of all places huh?  Abeg Vanguard news, we Naija peeps are not that dumb abeg (Umm ok I take it back...cos if someone could actually ask if Amy Winehouse was the owner of wineshop, then we def got a lot of dumb a** peeps in Naija..ha ha)

Anyways shaa i'm very disappointed cos i know say this no be my guy real name...and when some peeps read this story, dem go think say na joke....WHEN IT ISN'T. But at the end of the day, This dude did rape his daughter, which i feel is one of the most disgusting things I've heard. My guy definitely needs to be sent to firing squad. no negotiation whatsoever jare.
And whats very disturbing is that this is just the one that was caught ohh...then can you imagine how many men (and not just naija men alone, but all other men around the world..esp in Africa) that are involved in sh** like this :(



  1. i read this one too and the guy sef don confess and say the devil made him do it. I tire for this blaming everything on the devil bulls#it in Naija

  2. Lol@blaming devil for everything. Eeyah, the lil girl must have been scared to death.

  3. May God help our generation

  4. Seriously, everything na devil..both the ones he did and did not. Peeps just dey too funny sometimes....

  5. hahahahahahahahah ehen o...devil don suffer o..