Saturday, July 9, 2011


Mehn u just gotta luv our country, and the people that live in it too....I no even know wetin to talk sef. This pic don weaken my whole body ehh.......DAMN!!
Who actually wakes up in the morning and decide say im go wear goat jessee??? and im come be Arsenal jessee for that matter...HA HA HA ....i no even know if dem dey try diss Arsenal, or dem dey try recruit more Arsenal fans by any means necessary.......ha ha
The thing wey dey even make me laugh pass for this picture na the wey dem take hold the goat hoof,  like say im dey celebrate with them......and u can notice the rope still dey im i guess after the celebration, the goat will be killed soon.

But Damn...animals dey suffer for real a guy, can u imagine being an animal just like this goat right here... and u dey well respected in the animal kingdom...cos of your strength, dominance, and ur ability to have all the females :)    Then sometime in your life, human beings go just catch u, dey wear u dress, dey paint ur face, dey rub u lipstick....infact dem go just dey fall your hand anyhow right in front of your fellow animals and ur big f**k up nah.   and at the end, u still gonna end up in someone's belle :(   ...see destiny ehh

I bet this goat play pass some Arsenal players. ha ha   :)

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