Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(shout out to Chichi Dora for providing this useless chat)

You see one thing I've noticed about we Naija peeps be say nobody wan carry last at all. Everybody wan dey act like say dem dey very current with wetin dey happen around the world. And the painful thing be say na even the local ibotic peeps dey do this kind thing pass.....cos dem no wan dey left out when people dey yarn important gists. And facebook has made it even worse, cos now when there's a good or bad news about a particular celebrity, people post it on their status.....and in order for this ibotic individuals to feel among, dem go just copy that same status and put on theirs.....at least make im dey like say dem dey current too nahh...ha ha.
And the rate at which fake news, wrong news, exaggerated news dey spread for Naija ehhn.....its just nuts!!!!

Wait ohh....So the second commenter had the nerves to correct the first, and yet im no even sabi wetin im dey yarn. How the heck are you going to correct someone else when your own correction doesnt make any damn sense. I no just understand ohh. And the person even had the nerves to put parenthesis sign on Winehouse, just to make sure that the first commenter sees the correction well well. "Amy Winehouse was an NTA newscaster for 27yrs ke?" Pls can someone tell me where da heck do these peeps get these ridiculous information from :(
Doesnt sh** like this just piss you off, especially when you see someone actually saying sh** like this with ease and confidence...like say dem been dey there when the thing been happen. ha ha


  1. Hehehehehehe... Now that's funny! I just love us.

  2. i think the second commenter was joking. he was being sarcastic.

  3. looooooooooool dis is d end......where u get this stuff from only u know but keep it coming biko

  4. Lmao! Nigerians sha!
    Amy whitehorse
    Army whitehouse..it is well.