Thursday, July 28, 2011


Umm sometime early last year, I did read something about female prisoners in Kirikiri that where either pregnant or already had their babies while in prison. And efforts have been made in order to free these babies, but i no come know wetin dey hold them till today. I guess its our useless government system. In Naija ehhn, nothing is being done properly at a specific period. I guess its cos there's no accountability whatsoever....who's to be blamed?  :(

Anyways I came across this story which said that the amount of babies in Kirikiri was becoming alarming, and drastic measures needed to be real akuko be this.....So since last yr una never take drastic measures shey?....Naija ehhn...we seriously need prayers for real..cos I do feel Naija is the only country on earth were everything works abnormally.
So now they are trying to investigate how these women become pregnant. was it before they came to prison, or after?

But a puzzle that will remain unsolved is not only how these babies got in there, but rather that most of these babies were conceived after the suspect mothers got into detention or started serving terms. Saturday Sundug into that mystery and discovered that there could be some inexplicable mystery of conception in a prison or detention cell other than what human beings know. Maybe, in prison cells conception is contagious, airborne or waterborne.

Yeah Yeah Yeah "conception is contagious" my foot....all that one na blah blah blah far as I dey concerned, SOMEONE WAS F**KING DEM BIATCHES INSIDE THAT PRISON....PERIOD!!!.... there's no need beating around the bush...JEEZ

and this crazy looking dude right here is the Mr. Oguntuase, the Lagos prison boss.

Umm is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 

(daily sun)


  1. LMAO...i read that same article. I don't know whats sadder, pretending we don't know how these women got pregnant or the fact that some people are willing to believe that they got pregnant from drinking the water/breathing the air. na wa oh

  2. Lol...interesting post. Drastic measures need to be taken very fast. If they don't find out how the women are getting pregnant...then how can they stop them from getting pregnant in the future? Hmm. The babies need a better live than that of a prison. Maybe adoption can come in? It might be difficult for the mothers to part with their babies though... :(. All in all...they need prayers.

  3. HA HA be small thing ohh...this sh** craked me up for real. I guess they think we all fools nah

  4. Of course someone is definitely humping those girls and i am thinking wot u re thinking jare Alex.

  5. @ SweetlyBroken our govt is just useless and we too dey think with our nyash. thats our problem.
    @ Ope......HA HA wetin u think say i dey think sef? lmao

  6. Ha! I think im pondering what you're pondering!

  7. Am sure they were promise freedom in exchange for sex. What a pity!