Monday, July 11, 2011


(shout out to Chi-chi Oji for providing this crazy pic)

Okay, so imagine being at a in a very normal party ohh....people are happy gisting, laughing, dancing..infact everything is just going smooth and great, just as planned. And in Naija, we all know say the main event in a house party na sharing of the rice and chicken....and the taste of the food could either make the party even very very sweeter, or it could also break the party too..ha ha. u still at this over-bubbling party, and the time to chop don ready, and dem start to dey share rice to the people. Then all of a sudden, as dem bring rice come for you, the first thing you gonna see is a gold freaking circle condom untop the take-away container.

Like come on.....who tha heck sat down and thought about this abnormal behavior?...I'm just trying to imagine what type of party this was shaa. Definitely not a kid or teenager's party for sure. Ummm I would have said a swingers party, but on the second thought, we Naija peeps no dey liberal to that extent u know :)
Okayyyy I think i got be like say this na some type of ibotic ashewo peeps their local party. Anyways whatever the case may be, one thing i know for sure be say this party was the sh**  tho :)

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