Sunday, July 3, 2011


(Shout out to Betty Braimah.... where in the world do you get these crazy pics.....ha ha)

At first when I took a quick glance at this picture, i immediately thought it was one of those Naija movies with their silly titles and crazy looking bootleg cd packs/covers.....Abeg make nobody blame me jare. Afterall if we can give our  movies all types of absurd names, then what stops our producers from naming a movie "Ezinne - Happy mothering Sunday" huh?
But I later saw the calender stuff on the side...that was when i then realized it was just one of dem calender crap.
But can someone pls tell me WTF is Beyonce's face doing on that calender? I just dont get it tho. So of every female celeb they could think of, na Beyonce wey dem decide to carry her head put ontop this femal body?......You see when I been dey Naija, I noticed that in a lot of places i went to, most of the posters usually had either Beyonce or Jay-Z. Like seriously nawa ohh...cos me i tire sef. Anyways whatever. Its just that I dont understand if na mandatory issue say Beyonce face go dey everything wey we wan do :(
WHy cant we be creative at anything for Christ sake huh?


  1. where do u get all this man?

  2. LOOOL..i didnt even realize it was Beyonce they photoshoped it

  3. I noticed u nev@ credited me for most of my recent pics sent to you o. Lol

  4. @ Didi..u don see the person wey dey send am don question me nah.....
    @betty abeg no vex nah.....its just that I've been rushign lately to do these postings in crazy areas. U know I dont usually forget to holla u...abeg no vex hun. It wont happen again ;)

  5. Lol. I won't vex, did is still 1 of my fv blogs. Ok its payback time. Pls vote for my NKWOBI entry in its entry no1 in A food contest. All u need to do is comment on d food. Thanks.